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Thank God the Weekend Is Over!

August 30, 2010

Yeah,  you read that correctly. I can hardly believe I wrote it myself, but the last few days have been hard. Last week Caroline had a cold and on Thursday I got the dreaded call from daycare.  She was vomiting and had a fever.  I consulted Baby411 and under “fever and vomiting” read “Call doctor immediately” followed by some stuff about meningitis. So I did. And we went. And as usual the doctor dismissed us with a diagnosis of a mild virus and a bit of disdain.

I stayed home with her on Friday. Saturday we noticed two new teeth and she broke out in a rash. She was an absolute bear and we attributed her bad attitude to the teething and the rash to roseola even though she had already had it.  None of the normal teething remedies worked and it was a rough night. Finally on Sunday, I noticed that she kept rubbing her face on the carpet and it dawned on me, “maybe she’s not just really sleepy, maybe she is itchy”. I took a dry wash cloth and used it to “scratch” her itch. She got a look of pure bliss on her face, eyes closed, mouth open and I felt like the worst mother in the world for not figuring it out earlier. Right about then I had to leave for a bridal shower and Scott had to deal with itchy baby for four long hours.

A little calamine lotion and continued scratching with washcloth and she was finally better this morning. Just in time for me to drop her off a daycare.

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