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Yet another reason to love fall

September 7, 2010

It’s fall shopping time! I love fall shopping. Even though I’m not in school and Caroline isn’t in school yet, there is still just something about fall shopping. Fall outfits, pants, sweaters, turtlenecks! I love the summer rompers but fall clothes make me swoon!! The best part…Grandma paid for it all!!!!

The worst part… Caroline is moving up a size to 9-12 months. Those sizes are sold with the toddler clothes!!! How can that be, she is still an itty bitty baby.  ::sigh:: No more 3 packs of sleep and plays, now we are buying 2-piece pajamas and the footies have grip on the bottom. For walking!!!
I realize there is a dress there and I just posted about how dresses are not practical right now but there is a cuteness exception for rhinestone ladybugs and taggies hemlines.

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