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Ferber and the fair

September 20, 2010

The Great Frederick Fair started this weekend and we took Caroline on Saturday.  I knew by the way she generally acts towards animals that she would probably enjoy it. I was right. She saw pigs, goats, cows, horses and every other barnyard creature and loved them all. She even petted a goat and a horse. She was fearless. At only 8 months she was too young for rides or fair food but I can’t wait until next year when she’ll be old enough to really get into things. Her father and I ate her share of the fair food (and several other people’s share as well).

Saturday night I went to a bachelorette party for one of my good friends. It’s the first time I’ve gone out at night and Scott had to put her to sleep (I usually nurse her to sleep). So he decided it was as good a night as any to start Ferberizing. We’ve tried and failed a couple of times and he decided that me not being there was a benefit to getting it done. It was miserable but he stayed tough and she eventually fell asleep.

I wanted to build on what he started so we did it again last night and she cried Sept 18, 2010but for less time and when she finally fell asleep she slept for nine hours! NINE!! That is the longest stretch she has ever slept. Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it was learning to soothe herself to sleep. I don’t know but I only woke up once last night and that is the best night’s sleep I’ve had since early pregnancy.  Fingers crossed that we are on to something here.

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