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Ferber update

September 23, 2010

We are five nights into Ferberization and things are going pretty well. The book says that by night four the baby will have adapted and go to sleep easily. That hasn’t exactly been the case but every night does get a little better and she is sleeping for some nice stretches.

The only issue we are having is when we first put her to bed during the first 5 minute interval when she is crying, she poops. Every single night. It doesn’t matter if it is 6:30 or 7:00 she poops during that first interval so obviously we have to take her out of bed and change her. I hope this stops because  it’s really kind of annoying. I get her in her nighttime diaper, greased up with Butt Paste and 10 minutes later have to do it all again.

Night 1- 2 hours of crying before finally passing out. Slept a 5 hour stretch before waking.

Night 2- 1 hour of crying before going to sleep. Slept a 9 hour stretch.

Night 3- <30 minutes. 7 hour

Night 4- <15 minutes. 5 hours.

Night 5- 15 minutes. Woke after 2.5 hours but then slept the rest of the night in her crib.

I have to confess,  I missed having her in bed with me last night but I know it’s all for good in the long run.

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