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Playground Wars

October 5, 2010

I guess this stuff starts early. I think I’ll have a bad reputation around the playground.

To the parents at the mall play area:

Mom#1- I know that it is a play area for kids up to the age of 3 (and I’ll ignore the fact that your child was clearly well over that age limit or suffering from a metabolic disease), so I’m not bothered by all the running that the big kids were doing. I  mean that’s the point right?  With respect to that,  I tried to keep my infant out of their way and focusing on things that were age appropriate for her. So likewise when your 6 y/o came over and shoved my 8 month old out of the way so he could play with the little plastic spinner full of beads (a baby toy), I expected some sort of reaction from you. I’m not saying you should have come over and beat your child but maybe a look of slight embarrassment. Don’t worry though, you didn’t chastise your child so I took care of it. You’re welcome. Though that didn’t seem to concern you either.

Mom #2- I know that you brought the ball to the play area and it was not public property, so when my baby kept crawling around trying to get it to play with it,  I was coming over to try to focus her on something else. I hardly think it was necessary for you to rip it out of her hands barking, “that’s not yours.” Really?  She’s 8 months old, she doesn’t quite have the concept of personal property mastered. Jokes on you though, Caroline is extraodinarily cute and pitiful when she cries, so all you accomplished was making everyone else there think you were a jackass for being mean to a baby.

I guess this stuff will be going on for her entire childhood.

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  1. October 5, 2010 4:19 pm

    really? b!tch (sorry but really??!) made a baby cry?! grr.

    • October 5, 2010 5:02 pm

      I know. Can you believe that? I was floored and ready to deck that b!tch.

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