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Nine Months

October 8, 2010

Dear Sweet, Sweet Caroline,

I cannot believe it’s been 9 months. You’ve been outside of me almost as long as you were in my belly. Almost. At the time I was so ready to meet you, to see your face, to get to know you. Now I think back longingly to those extra 2 weeks when I still had you all to myself. When I got to take you everywhere I went. It’s better with you out, but I’ll always miss when it was just you and me.

The past 9 months have been without a doubt the best time of my life. Not a single day goes by that I don’t wonder if my heart isn’t going to explode from all of the joy you have brought to my life. From the minute you wake up with your sleepy smile until you go to sleep with your little butt up in the air, I know that I am the luckiest mama in the world because I got you.

You are so funny and smart and strong. The way you cruise the furniture, sometimes I think you will let go and start walking right then. You taught me just the other day that I was doing patty cake wrong- you knew the right way and were so confused by my actions. And when you dance, the look of joy on your face makes the rest of the world disappear.

I think you might have said your first word. The other day we were saying bye bye to the kitty cat as we were leaving and you said yie yie. Were you trying to say bye bye too?

You are turning into such a big girl. Everyday I get a glimpse of what you will look like as a toddler, then I realize that is so close. That it isn’t a fluke that I am getting these glimpses. I want to swaddle you up and keep you my baby almost as much as I want to help you spread your wings and learn and discover and grow. I can’t wait to see what each new day brings.

Caroline, I know mommy is getting a little sappy here. You bring that out in me. Just wait until you hit the 1 year mark, I’ll be reduced to singing Butterfly Kisses or something. So I’ll just end with this. Caroline Noelle, you are what is great about this world and even in the short time you have been here, it is already a better place.

Love forever and unconditionally,


At 9 months you can:

Pull yourself up using anything, including Mommy’s pants

Cruise around using furniture or your push stroller

Make your wants known






singing and dancing



Soft finger foods

Foods with texture

diaper changes

You are shy in the beginning but quickly warm up to people and situations. You are ridiculously cute  and your laugh just cracks me up and warms my heart.

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