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Play Date

October 12, 2010

On Sunday, Caroline and I went for a play date with dome of our favorite mommies. Before we had babies,  we all got together over glasses of wine and conversation about men and fashion. Now it is sippy cups of milk and discussion about cloth diapers but the conversation and the company is still good.


There was Jessica and her daughter, Isabella, who shows the rest of us how exhausting toddlerhood will be. How great is this picture?

Michelle and her little boy, Gavin hosted this months playdate.

Obviously, Sweet Caroline and I were there.

Best of all, our friend Joann (who has raised 5 kids of her own) came by and took pictures of all the little ones.


Caroline was having some sort of allergic reaction that day and was randomly breaking out in welts all over her body. There a couple fading on her cheek here.  Nine months and her eyes are still blue. If they are going to turn green like her mama’s, they’re going to have to get started soon.  I hope they stay Daddy blue though.

Isabella just couldn’t resist the doggies.

Good friends, good food, good conversation and cute babies I love these days.


Check back tomorrow for some serious cuteness.

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