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Weekend Roundup

October 18, 2010

The weekend started on Friday when Scott was off work. He kept Caroline home with him and I came home to the photographic evidence of their day. When you’re teething anything to chew on will work. She spent most the day working this sock.

That night we introduced bubble to bathtime. They were a welcome addition.

On Saturday, we headed out to the Renaissance Fair. It’s an annual tradition between me and some of my friends. I introduced Scott to it when we started dating and he quickly became a fan. No, we don’t dress up or anything like that, we just go for the people watching and the fair food. Scott likes it because it gives him an excuse to wear his Utilikilt.




We met up with some of my BFF’s, Lynn and Brett and their little boy, Logan. He is about 2 months older than Caroline and just as funny and cute as he can be.

Caroline in the Ergo is always interesting.

Brett takes much better photos than I do. He gets the credit for this great one.

Sunday, we had a playdate with 8-month old twins, Noah and Sophia but I stupidly forgot the camera. Daddy stayed home and watched the Ravens give one away to the Patriots and we were all sad about the outcome. Caroline was so sad that she felt the need to wake up three times last night. Sleep and this little girl are not friends.

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