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11 months!

December 8, 2010

I cannot believe it! In only a month, she’ll be one year old. But as I watch her walking across the room, there is no denying that my little baby is becoming my little girl. I’ll save the big sentimental stuff until next month. Right now, we are too busy preparing for Caroline’s first Christmas.

Hair: Blonde and the baby mullet is starting to take shape nicely.

Eyes: Still blue

Size: Still in 12 month, though wearing a few 18 month shirts even though they are too big.

Recently acquired skills: walking, waving at appropriate times, pointing, signing “more”, throwing her hands out to the side to say “all done” (even though she is not necessarily all done when she does it).

Words: Mom mom, da-deee, ball (bah), kitty (kee), baby, bye bye, uh-oh

Favorites: Balls, anything that plays music so she can dance, Cheerios, her toy stroller, American cheese, Mommy, Mahan (her BFF at daycare).

Dislikes: Diaper and clothing changes, sleeping late, baby gates that keep her away from all the fun, car seats, foods that squish in her fingers.

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