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Day 1 of cloth

December 18, 2010

The diapers arrived and it was like early Christmas. I am soooooo excited. They are ridiculously cute and these aren’t even the cutest I’ve seen. I prepped them right away so that they would be ready to use this morning.

I put the first pair on with the first diaper change in the morning.

Look how happy they made her*.

Cuteness overload.  They worked great. No leaking. They were so simple to understand and operate.  the only bad thing was that sine I only had 3, by 11:00 am, after two pees and a poop that took place 10 minutes after a change, we had gone through them all. I was so bummed that I went out and bought two more so that tomorrow we could use them even longer. I have no doubt I will be adding more to my collection.

Scott has declared me a full fledged hippie.  But I can tell he secretly thinks they are cool since he ran in to be a part of every diaper change.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to start again. When I get enough diapers, I hope to be all cloth outside of daycare.

*Check out our awkward family photo in the background.

Still taking comments for Caroline’s Birthday Challenge.

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