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A few of my favorite things

December 28, 2010

As we close in on Caroline’s 1st birthday,  a listing of the things I couldn’t have lived without over the last year. None of them are rare finds that no one has heard of but it’s always nice to hear someone’s opinion of things before you buy.

My Lil Lamb swing– There were many, many, many days when this is the only place Caroline would sleep. We just took it down a couple of months ago. Worth every penny that the giver of this paid.

Arms Reach co-sleeper– Someone gave this to us for free but if I was paying for it, I would have gotten the mini. But I would pay for it. In those early days of all night nursing and constant worry, it was so nice to have the baby right there beside me. Not having to get out of bed to ensure that she was still breathing was a real convenience.

FP Stroll Along WalkerCaroline loves this thing so much. Before she could walk, it was a way to get around upright. Now that she can walk, she still loves it as a way to walk even faster. She likes to push her stuffed animals as well as her sippy cups in it. Money well spent.

Edushape Sensory Balls– When Caroline wakes up in the morning yelling, “bah! Bah! Bah!” These are what she is yelling for. While she loves all kinds of balls, these are her faves. They are easy for her to carry, they bounce, they roll, they are bright colors that are easy to find in the living room and they feel neat. She loves to play fetch with Daddy with them.

Name Bubbles– These labels are so great when you have a child in daycare. The Daycare Pack comes with dishwasher-safe and laundry-safe labels and I can testify they work as promised. I have them on all of Caroline’s bottles and they have gone through the dishwasher several times a week for the last 9 months. The laundry tags work too. I have them on her jackets, onesies etc. I have never had to replace a single one.

BumGenius 4.0 one-size diapers– This is a new love. We just started cloth diapering at home and while I have acquired several different brands, these are my favorites hands down. The microsuede lining is soooo soft and even after a full night of wetting it still feels dry. And nothing sticks to it. I also like they sleek appearance and they’re just so easy to use. I wish I had started so much earlier.

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  1. January 2, 2011 12:33 am

    Thanks for all the recommendations! I have been relying on “real mommy” advice when registering for my baby shower.

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