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1 Week To Go

January 2, 2011

Only 1 week until my little girl turns the big 0-1! I bought the party supplies today. I held it together quite well. Unfortunately, Caroline couldn’t go with me because she is still sick. She throws up about every 6 hours. She mostly has no appetite and then gets hungry so I, of course, feed her. And then when I’m least expecting it- she nails me with everything she previously devoured. Only me. Scott has not had a single drop on him, while I have taken the full brunt of it at least 4 times. THe diarrhea set in today too. That was an interesting experience with cloth diapers, but not too awful. I mean having to deal with that in any circumstances isn’t exactly a party.

But it is just a virus and it will pass. She is still my healthy little monkey pants, even with the extra laundry. So I’m still eager to finish out Caroline’s Birthday Challenge on a high note. I’ve gotten more comments than I ever would have thought and want to thank everyone who has plugged this event. Keep leaving comments. I’ll stop taking them at 11:59 pm EST on January 8, 2011.

I’ll be getting pretty sentimental this week and I’ll no doubt be revisiting my birth experience- you’ve been warned.

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