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Travels, Easter, etc. recap

April 29, 2011


Whew, it has been a hectic few weeks. I’ve hardly had time to breath.

About 2 weeks ago, Caroline, her daddy and I took off for a short vacation to my parents house in Tennessee. Their home is 600 miles from mine and we were travelling by car. To ease the “pain” of travelling 600 miles with a 15-month old, we decided to drive all night while she slept.

The drive went great until we crossed into Tennessee and were hit with torrential rains for the majority of the remainder of our trip. That slowed us down a lot and we were exhausted when we finally arrived… just as Caroline was waking up to start the day. Since she doesn’t get to see my parents too often she isn’t comfortable being left alone with them, so Scott and took turns napping during the day. Though she whined every time I tried to nap and I really didn’t get any sleep. We were all so exhausted, the whole family passed out for the night at 5 PM.

The next few days though we were up and ready to roll. We visited downtown Chattanooga (it’s a fabulous city).


And visited with my childhood best friend, Patty.


This is the Walnut St Bridge with the Hunter Museum of Art in the background

We visited the Chattanooga Zoo, which was the perfect size for an active 15-month old to run around. Since we were there on a Monday, it wasn’t crowded and she could pretty much run as she pleased.

Chattanooga Zoo 010Chattanooga Zoo 013Chattanooga Zoo 019Chattanooga Zoo 023

We also had fun just playing in Grandma’s bathroom.

Chattanooga Zoo 007

All too soon it was time to come home. During the return trip we were in two cars, Scott’s car that we drove down and a minivan that we acquired while there (the reason for the trip). My mom rode back with us and she, Caroline and I rocked the minivan. Caroline did great. We had one person sitting in back with her, lots of books and lots of Elmo DVDs.  She was such a trooper that when we go back this summer, we won’t attempt the overnight journey again.

Caroline had a great Easter. Last year we didn’t really do anything for Easter since she was so young. I was really excited to embark on some traditions this year.

On Saturday, Caroline helped Grandma and Mommy color Easter Eggs. She preferred to bang the eggs together and we all decided that perhaps she would be the keeper of the plastic eggs during the process.


On Easter morning, Caroline dressed up in her adorable dress and inspected her Easter basket. She found the books and stuffed frog acceptable but wanted nothing to do with the chocolate Easter bunny.


Later she hunted for Easter eggs that her brother had “hidden” in the backyard.


After all that excitement, who wouldn’t need a 2.5 hour nap.


This is my favorite diaper, Rumparooz L’il Monster.

Caroline loves to imitate you now. This picture is when her daddy was taking a nap on the couch.


It digressed into the Night Night game, where she says night, night and pretends to go to sleep for about 2 seconds. Rinse and repeat.



She is thriving and growing and cute and sassy and I can’t get enough of her. Her language is amazing. She has started on two-word phrases, “Hi Mama” and “turn page” are her two favorites. I love being able to have “conversations” with her.

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