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About YaraC

Into my early thirties, I was single and pretty happy with it. I was Samantha- only with a lot less sex and tight clothes. Then I met a guy and the next thing I knew I was married in the suburbs with a stepson and a daughter of my own.  Now I am a 37 year-old working mom and wife, loving life, trying to manage it all, still maintain some sense of myself and regain something resembling my pre-baby body.

This blog exists solely for me to gush about wonderful little girl. It allows me to detail the minutia of her life that is fascinating to me and completely boring to everyone else on the planet. It prevents me from being that person at the office who bores everyone with a 15 minutes description of the dinner their baby ate the night before. For proof that I do have other thoughts occasionally, visit my other blog, Everything Else.

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